Rule 103, Sub (C) in Action ( Protest Temporarily Suspended)

This post is the temporary home of my “” protest while I am in the process of constructing for that protest a new website and updating the list of victims.  Further, this post shall explain for the curious pro se litigant how I am using the aforementioned protest in conjunction with invoking Rule 103, Subdivision C; this is a process you’ll want to understand if you find difficulties with the process of having your evidence entered on to the public record.

The “Rules of Evidence” govern the process of having evidence entered on to the public record, and after some inspection of Rule 103 I found this:

Subdivision (c). This subdivision proceeds on the supposition that a ruling which excludes evidence in a jury case is likely to be a pointless procedure if the excluded evidence nevertheless comes to the attention of the jury.

The case cited in support of Rule 103(c) could very well have a completely different interpretation than the one I am about to propose, however Rule 103(c) can be interpreted in the following manner with equal validity:

“If evidence exists in the public sphere as common knowledge it then becomes a part of the official court record.”

I have provided for your education and entertainment a video example of how to implement Rule 103, Subdivision C.  For those who are curious about the process of authorship for such documents here is a link to my most recent submission, titled “Defendant’s Invocation of Rule 103, Subdivision C“.

Luckily for me I already spent hundreds of hours preparing for use of this particular strategy; before I closed my former business I had paid my employees with cash, and nearly every bill which passed through my store for the better part of a year bore upon its departure “” in red ink.   We are talking about more than 50,000 pieces of currency over a span of eight months, and nearly 100,000 pieces since that particular currency-borne protest began in 2012.

Even by the most conservative of estimates there would surely still be tens of thousands of Federal Reserve Notes in circulation today bearing the red text ““; these “Freedom of Speech Notes” were “minted” prior to the beginning of the 2014 calendar year, but since that time I have stepped up my game; these days I am “minting” an average of 3,000 bills every business day.  The example shown below was sent to the American Bar Association, Office of General Counsel


Implementing Rule 103, Subdivision (c)
Implementing Rule 103, Subdivision (c)

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